Getting Things Done is a self-management method developed by David Allen. It's a simple and effective 5 step plan to quickly increase your own productivity.

1. Gather

Start collecting everything. And this means really everything in your head. In SOPHY you can record all of your tasks or other notes in 'Tasks'

2. Process

Go through your list and ask yourself the following question for each point:

  • What is it exactly? This is the basic question. Put the answer into the description along with the next step and the goal that you want to achieve with it.

  • Can you do something about it now? If the answer is "no", deleted the task or mark it a tag "for later". If the answer is "yes", do every tasks that takes less than 2 minutes immediately. If someone else can do the job, assign the task to them. Otherwise, set a due date when this task should be done. You can also use tags like "call", "appointment" or the name of a specific project.

3. Organize

By simply recording your tasks and notes in SOPHY you're already close to completing this step. However, if a task turns out to be complex, you should consider creating a checklist to further break it down into discrete tasks and set deadlines for each of these. The tasks in the task list will automatically appear in your 'Tasks'.

4. Review

Make sure your list is always up to date. This is effectively a maintenance activity which involves mark completed tasks as done, deleting unnecessary tasks, and adding new tasks to your processes. If you sort by 'My preferences' in the task list, you can also change the order of the tasks. Just click on a task to drag and drop it to the desired position in the list.

5. Act

Now you can start getting things done. When you complete a task and this generates a follow-up task, simply add it to your things to do list or the relevant task list for your workflow.

Happy getting things done!

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