Getting things done on time requires planning and structured processes, along with tools that enable your team to work together quickly and efficiently.

In many organizations processes and tasks are broken up between multiple individuals, who communicate separately around tasks.

This means that communication becomes fractured, and it can become very challenging for team leaders and members to keep up to date on tasks and overall progress in the workflow.

SOPHY provides an effective solution to this problem by centralizing the management of processes, tasks and team members.

Functionality includes:

  • Easily adding team members to a team (as many as you like) using invitation mails.

  • The ability to structure processes into repeatable checklists i.e. for security checks, inspections, quality checks, feedback sessions and more.

  • Adding team members to individual tasks in a checklist for an optimal assignment of tasks.

  • Dialog options in tasks, allowing team members to comment on tasks, creating an easy-to-find record of interactions around a task.

  • Setting deadlines for tasks so they are done on time.

  • A selection of checklist filters that allow users to effortlessly locate specific tasks.

  • A notification system that alerts team members to any changes made to tasks that they’ve been assigned to.

Best of all, SOPHY allows you to save effective checklists as templates. This means you don’t need to re-invent the wheel every time you start a new process.
Instead your organization will benefit from having proven processes available for instant implementation whenever it needs them.

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