Communication around processes like onboarding and offboarding can quickly become confusing and fragmented.

Long email chains can be created around even simple tasks within a process, which can be both disruptive and ineffective in monitoring and managing process flows.

SOPHY solves this problem with simple, elegant process management design. This starts off with setting up checklists to structure processes.

Checklist then provide a centralized mechanism for delegating, monitoring and communicating around tasks within a process.

SOPHY's notification system also ensures that users assigned to a task receive notifications of changes to that task in real time

This means you no longer have to worry about locating or staying up to date with email threads. 

Instead you can quickly find and interact with any task. You can also restrict notifications to changes to tasks or processes that are directly relevant to you.

And with the ability to set deadlines for any task, you’ll find it much easier to ensure that processes keep flowing at the desired pace, delivering the results you are looking for on schedule.

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