• How can I see the complete history of the assets?
    In addition to the basic information such as value, category, persons involved, all changes in the activity feed are recorded on the detail page. In addition, each authorized person can comment and upload pictures or documents. All changes are saved with timestamp.

  • How can I label assets as "unusable"?
    We recommend creating a category such as "in maintenance" and saving the asset there.

  • How can I create recurring checks on the asset?
    Yes. How this works, we show you in our tutorial.

  • Can I assign multiple categories to the asset?
    Yes. For example, if you use categories for locations and department just flag this directly on the details page.

  • Can I assign multiple users to the asset?
    SOPHY offers several roles per asset: the user, the owner, and the maintainer. Each role can be occupied by one person.

  • How can I link a resource in a task?
    Just type @ in the task title and start typing the name of the asset you would like to connect. A dropdown will appear, in which the asset will be suggested. Just click on it.

    Tipp: You can also create a new asset using this function. If you enter the name of a new asset after the @, which does not yet exist, you will be able to see the option "create new asset". Just click on it to create the new asset.

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