• Which roles do users have?
    There are three roles:

    - Owner
    Processing payment modalities, invoices as well as all tasks, equipment, checklists and members.

    - Full access
    Except for viewing payment and invoices, these members can edit, view or delete everything.

    - Limited access
    People can only see and comment tasks, assets, or checklists assigned to them. They can't invite new members.

  • Can I invite other users outside of my organization?
    Yes, invite freelancers, consultants or other team members via the menu item "Members".

  • What happens to tasks of people leaving the company?
    Part of your handover is a list of tasks. The employee should assign the tasks to the other members. Of course, as a full access user, you can do it by yourself by assigning it to another user in SOPHY.

  • What is the difference between deactivated and deleted users?
    In the members area you can deactivate the user. Assigned equipment, tasks, etc. are retained, but he can not log in to the team. Deleting a user removes all assignments in the team. He can still log in to SOPHY, but no longer in the respective team.

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