Approximately 25% of new employees leave within a year of joining a company.

This can become a critical issue for any company due to the costs associated with lost productivity, recruitment and training. Some estimates place this cost as high as 200% of the employee's annual salary.

This is where SOPHY can help you.

1. The power of the first impression

The first weeks in a new company are crucial for shaping how a new employee will perceive and interact with their employer. And first impression are shaped well beyond the point where the recruiting process ends. 

Having structured processes in place to manage the employee onboarding process immediately creates a positive impression, indicating that your company is prepared, organized and mindful of the types of stresses new employees can experience during this period.

Something as simple as loading and customizing one of our professional onboarding templates can quickly and effectively remove a great deal of the friction associated with onboarding.

2. Keep an eye on HR management

It is important for the new team member to understand how their company functions. 

In your checklist, you can create a task group to cover the typical HR topics:

  • Employment contracts, including duties and responsibilities.

  • Working schedules.

  • Leave and sick day policies.

  • Employee benefits.

  • Code of conduct.

  • Informal and social rules, such as work clothes.

  • Explanation of access levels to company property and operations systems.

3. Record and manage your resources

Nothing can disrupt a new employees workflow more than missing technology or equipment during their first days of employment.

That's why you can list and manage your assets using SOPHY's asset management tool.

With SOPHY you can :

  • Record an inventory of every asset in your company.

  • Leeping track of the current status, location and ownership of every asset.

  • Managing all assets from one platform.

4. Knowledge and task exchange

Setting up clear processes, tasks and deadlines is one of the most critical parts of the onboarding process.

Your new employee will find onboarding much easier if they have a clear list of tasks, processes and expectations that they can work through during their first days at your company.

SOPHY allows you to easily set up checklists for new users and assign these to them, along with deadlines for task completion.

5. Training

Structured training and feedback sessions are critical to providing new employees with the skills require along with giving them the opportunity to engage with their supervisors around the onboarding process.

SOPHY's recurring tasks are a great way to set up regular appointments to accelerate and improve new employees' onboarding process.

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