• What is a "team" at SOPHY?
    In addition to members, a team also has tasks, checklists, and assets. You can always create multiple teams in your account.

  • How do I change the team name?
    If you want to change the team name later on, you can do this directly in the settings.
    a) Just click on the 3 dots to the right of the team name
    b) Click on the team name on "edit"
    c) Change the name or the picture and click on save.

  • How do I invite people into my team?
    You have several options as a non-limited member:
    a) Directly in the process: when assigning a resource, task or checklist, enter  the e-mail address of the person. He automatically receives an e-mail with all the information (team name, task or asset and what SOPHY is).
    b) In the member administration: Click on members and enter there the E-Mail address. Here you can also directly set the permissions.

More about Team-settings:

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