SOPHY offers a built-in asset management system that can be seamlessly integrated with workflows and checklists.

Our asset management give you the ability to:

  • Create a cloud-based catalogue of all your assets.
  • Provide a detailed description of the asset and capture an asset ID if necessary.
  • Assign an owner to an asset.
  • Transfer assets between team members.
  • Move assets into maintenance.
  • Track the entire history of activity around an asset once it has been added to your asset catalogue.

Our customers also use this feature to:

  • Ensure employees have access to assets when they need them.
  • Manage asset transfers away from departing employees.
  • Manage maintenance tasks associated with assets.
  • Perform safety checks.
  • Provide an overview of which assets are associated with subscriptions or contracts (for example, software, cars and smartphones).

Tip: You can import multiple assets at once by uploading a CSV file. Download our sample CSV to find out how to format your asset spreadsheets for easy uploading.

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