Few companies manage their assets and equipment from a centralized location. This makes it easy for company assets to go missing, which can create unnecessary confusion and expense.

SOPHY’s integrated asset management system allows you to easily catalogue your assets - and record transfers of business assets between team members.

Easily track assets, access, software and related data to ensure faster productivity and the highest degree of safety:

  • Future-proof and complete listing of all resources. Available anywhere at any time.

  • Record detailed information on any asset.

  • Categorize or tag assets for easy asset searches and filtering.

  • The activity feed keeps you up to date on any changes to your inventory.

Our users apply our asset management tool to:

  • Timely provision of relevant equipment for onboarding.

  • Ensuring all assets are returned during offboarding.

  • Exchanges of equipment between team members.

  • Temporary allocation of assets to external service providers.

  • Managing and scheduling recurring safety checks.

  • Managing subscriptions.

Tip: To make it as simple as possible to manage all your task in one platform we added the "bulk upload" feature which allows you to upload all your assets with ease.

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