People make mistakes, particularly when it comes to performing routine recurring tasks.

These tasks are often considered so self-evident that structured process are not put in place to manage them effectively, which can create significant risk for any organization.

For example, employee offboarding is something every business has to deal with. Yet few businesses have structured processes in place to ensure that departing employees do not take critical assets, company IP or access to sensitive systems with them. 

How to organize simple, secure recurring processes for your team

Ensure nobody forgets their tasks or deadlines in just a few clicks.

In this example we have to organize a monthly feedback meeting with the employee.
Add the task 'Recurring appointments for feedback' in your 'Tasks' list.

Click on the task and choose the first meeting date in the calendar, then click on 'Repeat this' and choose the frequency - in this case 'Monthly'.

Make sure to assign the task. That's all you have to do. Have fun!

Create repeating workflows

  • Open the checklist.

  • Click on 'due date'.

  • Click on 'repeat this' and choose the frequency.

Check out our template library if you require checklists for different profiles (i.g. sales or marketing).

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