SOPHY’s process templates provide a simple and effective tool for recording, sharing, and improving workflows.

Professional templates

SOPHY offers a selection of pre-configured templates, developed by industry professionals.

To access an existing template:

  • Navigate to "Checklists"

  • Click on "Templates" on the top right

  • Choose a category from the tabs next to "My templates"

  • When you've found a suitable template, click on "Start a new list".

You can then customize the template to match your individual process requirements.

My templates

You can save any checklist you are working on as a template, whether you developed the process yourself or customized an existing template. If you want to save a process as a template, click on "Save as template" on the top right corner of the checklist. It’s that easy!

Optimize your templates

Once a checklist is saved you’ll be able to edit it to continue improving it or reflect changes in your processes.

SOPHY also allows you to duplicate templates. This means that you can set up similar workflows with minor process differences without having to start from scratch each time.

To duplicate a template:

  • Navigate to "Checklists"

  • Click on "Templates" on the top right corner

  • Click the three dots to the right of the name of the checklist you would like to duplicate

  • Select "Duplicate"

You can also delete any unused templates at any time.

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