Employee turnover is accelerating at a faster rate than ever before.

As a result, management of employee turnover is becoming a critical factor in the success of many companies. Failure to provide structured onboarding and offboarding process can radically increase the costs associated with employee turnover, while also adding fuel to the problem.

Avoid the costs, productivity losses and security issues associated with employee turnover.

SOPHY is the simplest way to create and manage structured onboarding and offboarding processes.

Our easy-to-use software is designed to structure and manage any process. It provides all the functionality you need to provide new and departing employees with a well-organized, professional onboarding or offboarding experience.

SOPHY offers: 

  • access to professionally developed onboarding and offboarding templates for a variety of industries and job roles 
  • a suite of features and tools that enable and improve collaboration around onboarding and offboarding processes
  • a communication interface that allows team members to communicate and collaborate around the employee onboarding and offboarding process 
  • an asset management system that integrates seamlessly into your onboarding and offboarding processes.

Say goodbye to uncoordinated, fragmented onboarding and offboarding processes and reap the benefits of a system that improves efficiency, productivity, collaboration and employee satisfaction.

Ready to use in minutes

You can start using SOPHY in a couple of minutes. No downloads. No complex user guides. No training.

 Our simple demos are built into your software and will walk you through basic functions and tools. The SOPHY template library makes it even easier to put structured processes in place by allowing you to download professionally developed templates for a variety of industries and job roles.

What makes SOPHY different?

SOPHY brings together a selection of effective productivity and asset management tools in an uncluttered, intuitive interface designed for unparalleled ease-of-use.


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