SOPHY has two primary features. 

Firstly it allows you to create and save checklists for different workflows and processes.

Secondly, it offers a fully integrated asset management tool which works hand-in-hand with your checklists.

Here's a quick breakdown of our core tools.

1. Task views

Use the task views "All", "Today" , and "This Week" to quickly navigate to the important tasks you want to see. Use the filters to customize the views, all the selections will automatically be saved and can be reset to default by clicking on "Reset".

2. Checklists

Checklists allow you to define, structure and share your process workflows with your team. Each checklist can be broken into task groups, allowing you to cluster tasks for specific deadlines, objectives or users.

3. Assets

There is no simpler, more secure way to track and manage your assets than SOPHY’s asset management tool. This allows you to manage all your company’s assets from a single dashboard. You can then actively manage individual assets by assigning them to users, tagging them or adding to the comment thread associated with each asset.

4. Templates

When you develop an effective checklist that improves your organization’s efficiency and productivity, you can save it for re-use. SOPHY also offers a selection of pre-configured templates for various industries which can be customized for your specific requirements.

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