All your tasks ready for action

The Tasks section automatically displays any task that is assigned to you on SOPHY.

You can also add your own tasks to your checklist at any time. Simply click on ‘Add task’ in the top right corner and enter the details of your new task.

When the task is done, just click or hover over it and click on the circle on the left to mark the task as completed. 

Filtering the checklist

The default view displays all open tasks that have been assigned to you.

However, you can change this using the three filters. These are task status, team member and date.

The ‘status’ filter can be used to hide or view tasks that have been completed.

If you want to filter tasks by specific team members, select that team member's name from the ‘assigned to’ filter.

The ‘date’ filter allows you to view tasks within a specific date range. For example, you can use it to view your checklist for the upcoming week.


Task sorting

There is also an option to sort your tasks. You can sort tasks in chronological order, by recent activity or simply drag and drop tasks into any order you like by clicking ‘my preferences’.

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